The fine tradition of sportsmanship is captured in our message and escription of the Africa Peace Cup. That tradition of sportsmanship is to play fair, to help the player who is down, and to recognize that each victory is momentary, and each defeat is followed by another game ahead. People who play together may learn to live together, with great enhancements to their dignity and liberty.


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"Football (soccer) is often one of the only few pleasures in the Third World that children are blessed with. For example, even in African war zones like Sierra Leone, you can find children on every street playing football and forgetting about hunger, suffering and war for a few short hours that day. Football brings fun to the people and also pulls them together".

Meet Sullay Kallon

Sullay Kallon is an 18 year boy from Sierra Leone who has been crippled since he was 12 years old. Both his legs were wounded by rebel fire. He will never walk again. His only means of support is begging for food or small change from the travellers at Hastings Airport near Freetown. He is joined there by about 10 of his friends who also have severe and lifelong wounds from the war. They know the importance of education. With all the odds stacked against these children it would be easy to think that they do not have a reason to smile but they do. Just mention the word Football and you will see their faces glow with delight. Sullay says “even though I will never be able to kick a ball again, be able to watch football is the best I have”.

This positive attitude inspired our team to create the following format for a television documentary. On 23 November a camera team will film a "trailer" in front of Hastings Airport, introducing Sullay. Interested television stations should contact us by e-mail a.s.a.p.

The Quest for Peace

  1. The Quest for Peace Documentary is a positive tribute about Africa from the point of view of Africans, “made by Africans”. 44.10-minute length with 5 breaks
  2. An African television crew starts filming a documentary about positive news from Africa just when a camera-team from the Africa Peace Cup arrives at Hastings Airport near Freetown in Sierra Leone for filming footage to promote the Africa Peace Cup Project (APC).
  3. The African crew interviews Sullay Kallon, a young victim of war with a remarkable positive attitude, who is begging for food and small change from the travellers in front of the Airport. Caught in live ‘fire’, both his legs were irreparably wounded. Sullay expresses that education is his only hope to have a future.
  4. When the team explains to Sullay how a laptop computer works and how its possible to communicate with the whole world through the Internet, Sullay becomes highly intrigued by this phenomenon. Although discouraged by the 10-year civil war in his country he is surprised to learn about peaceful regions in Africa and gets enthusiastic about the mission of the African crew to cover positive news from the continent. The African crew invites Sullay on their trip and the APC team decides to follow the African television crew to witness Sullay’s Quest for Peace.
  5. The Quest for Peace justifies the vision for a better and peaceful future for Africa. “Big topics” will be meetings with presidents and leaders, fighting corruption and poverty in former war torn countries, and showing how their efforts lead to successful projects, generating jobs and prosperity for the people; the construction of big dams, power plants and other development projects and the development of new tourist destinations. But also the Quest of Peace will highlight “small” successes from local farmers, safari camps operated by local tribes, the success of famous musicians and football players like Yousou N’dour and George Weah, and craftsmanship and sculpturing. When Sullay meets these “heroes of success” he will ask them about their Secret leading to Peace.
  6. The Quest of Peace will also show: - how football/soccer plays a very important role in the way of living in African society and how it symbolizes peace,
    - how Sullay is offered a office job in Freetown, as a direct result of getting experienced on the computer,
    - the documentary ends with the Africa Peace Cup Foundation’s mission statement and explaining how results will fund projects to help more “Sullay’s of Africa” to a job.

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