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Following one of his trips to west Africa in August 2000, Willem Tijssen formed a TaskForce to study the attainability of the Africa Peace Cup Football project. In no time he got the support from Boudewijn Hoogeweegen, John Bestman, Abdoulaya Doré, Sherif Varmuyan, Egerton Smith, Scott Bronfman, Marcel Stappers. This team established the Africa Peace Cup Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization started by people who all have a sincere love for Africa. Talented, and most of them experienced professionals in the field of marketing, advertising and events.


Willem Tijssen

Willem Tijssen (50): Editor, publisher and webmaster of the "Internet Africa Portal" This website is an "open window to Africa" with extensive information, country files, links, photos and events See Africa.


John Bestman

John Bestman (60): John is a former Minister (secretary) of Finance, Economic Affairs, and of Post in Liberia. At present he is director of a bank and he supports many youngsters who are victims of war in Liberia


Boudewijn Hoogeweegen

Boudewijn Hoogeweegen (56): Boudewijn is managing director of Hoogeweegen TaskForce B.V., a Dutch Management Consultancy - Specialization Communication. He was Chairman & CEO of Bates, Managing Director of McCann-Erickson and General Manager of J.Walter Thompson in The Netherlands.


Sherif Varmuyan

Sherif Varmuyan (40): Sherif is a Liberian Mandingo refugee who lives in Guinea. Sherif makes a living as trader and interpreter.


Scott Bronfman

Scott Bronfman (46): Scott is an American creative director working with advertising agency HVR-Bridge in Amsterdam/The Netherlands.

Egerton Smith

Egerton Smith (42): Egerton is the owner of an Internet company in freetown/Sierra Leone. In this position he is able to support the streetchildren of freetown to bring some relief.


Marcel Stappers

Marcel Stappers (34): Marcel is a Dutchman, born and raised in Liberia, living in France and presently working in Accra/Ghana. He is a freelance consultant for European companies in west Africa.


Abdoulaya Doré

Abdoulaya Doré (49): Mr. Doré is director of Economic Affairs at the Secretary of State in Guinea. As former Embassador is several African countries, Mr. Doré is able to open doors to gain local support.


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