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Picture deep Africa. Summer 2003. A vibrating savanna just before sundown. Indigenous tribes and kids in wheelchairs gathered around a sandy football pit. Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Amara Essy, Miriam Makeba, Youssou N'dour and Gerry John Rawlings are present and take a seat. In the arena, 22 sweating star players from Africa and Europe or the USA, ready to kick-off for the "Match for Peace". The referee whistles and drums start talking. For the coming two hours there will be peace in Africa, whittnessed by the rest of the world. Passion and Peace in the rural areas of Sierra Leone, in Liberia, in Burundi, Angola and in the Congo, while people listen to live radio-reports and others watch the game on television in Freetown, Kinsjasa, Monrovia and other cities. And the 2003 Africa Peace Cup goes to ...!

Thats the setting of the "back-to-basics" pilot-game for Peace in Africa. A sports-event that brings people together and shows the victims of wars in Africa that the world didn't forget them. It will bring hope and relief to a continent that is almost forgotten by the western world. The World Championship Soccer 2006 bypassed South Africa, but the Match of Peace will generate much more impact. But there is more to come. Not just a match, not just television coverage and media attention but also fund for the future, financed by companies who are proud to be associated with this good cause. Fund for a balanced education program for innocent young people who are direct victims of stupid wars. Education brings skills and skills bring jobs and jobs means future. That's where its all about. The future of Africa; an obligation to all of us.

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