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Africa Peace Cup® Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation started by people with a sincere love for Africa and who realise the need for support to effectuate much needed change. The Foundation is the initiative of experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines ranging from event organisation, business management and marketing communications. The Foundation combines new concepts for fundraising and support with existing, reputable relief organisations in Africa in order to achieve it's Mission.

The Mission

Africa Peace Cup Foundation is committed to creating awareness of the hopeless position of all young victims of war and violence in Africa. Through diverse activities, initiatives and special events it is the goal of the Foundation to raise funds and support to raise the quality of their lives at present and improve the perspective for a better and self-sustaining future.


Board of Recommendation

The Africa Peace Cup Foundation is supported by a Board of Recommendation, consisting of respected (African) statesmen and sportsmen. Their role is that of an ‘ambassador of peace’. The members of the board of recommendation support the ‘Mission’ and assist the Foundation by identifying the ‘areas in need’ in Africa and helping to establish and maintain contacts with organisations involved with the Africa Peace Cup annual match.

The Africa Peace Cup Match

Imagine beautiful Africa. Summer 2003. A vibrant African savannah just before sundown. Members of indigenous tribes mix with children centred around a natural football field. Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan are present to take their places as host of the match along the sidelines. In a natural arena 22 star players from Africa and Europe are ready for the kick-off for the first Africa Peace Cup, “Match for Peace”. The whistle of the referee is echoed by the rhythmic beat of a familiar African cadence and tom-toms. For the coming 2 hours there will be peace in Africa. In the rural areas of war-torn Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burundi and the Congo as well as the rest of Africa and the world, people will be listening and experiencing the power of peace and the Africa Peace Cup.



The proceeds of the Africa Peace Cup match, will be allocated each year to a specific region in Africa selected by the Board of Recommendation. Reputable, existing aid and relief organisations that have proven their value and dedication in the past will be awarded funds to support the mission of the Foundation in Africa. Among our contacts are the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (with their Refugee Education Trust), and SOS Children’s Villages.

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